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Just testing

Over the Xmas period had the chance to spend some time in the studio working on my own photography finally.  In preparation for an upcoming personal project that I’m planning I thought I’d test out a lighting setup on a few of old cameras I keep about the studio.  But seeing as I like these ‘test’ shots quite a bit I thought I’d share them with you all.

Cine Petri


Now that I finally had a little time to sit and work in the studio, over the Xmas and New Year period, I thought I should share what my space looks like with you all.

Located in a beautifully converted old church just 1.5 miles from the very centre of Newcastle my personal studio space is approx 90ftsq, with access to a larger hireable studio.

My Studio

The hire space is approx 430 ftsq and includes a scoop over 16ft high.

Large Hire Studio With Scoop

Other facilities include a fully equipped modern kitchen and secure parking.

Hirsutes You Sir Photomabooth

Last weekend was Newcastle’s annual ‘Ouseburn Open Studios Weekend’ were many of the city’s artists and studio holders open their doors to the public. Rather than selling prints and trying to get commissions I thought I’d rather do something different and much more fun, and even raise a few quid for charity.

Visit the dedicated site for more photos and details:


Personal Work

Just a little example of my own personal work.