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Visit Newcastle Gateshead

I should really have posted this earlier, but I’ll hold up my hands and admit I’m not the best at keeping my blogs up to date.

Over 2 days, at 11 Locations, with 7 models, 2 clients, 1 stylist and my assistant we produced a whole new batch of photography for marketing Newcastle Gateshead to the rest of the UK as a great place to come and shop, eat, drink or just soak up the sights.

Here’s a little taster of what we did.

Vintage Jewellery

Last year I commisioned to shoot a set of advertising images for Elizabeth Rowlett who deals in vintage jewellery in and around London.  Due to the nature of the product we decided to give the whole shoot a vintage feel without focusing too much on the jewellery itself.  Everyone involved was really happy with the results including myself.